Interview: Bhuvnesh Vyas, Founder at Law Awareness Society

Bhuvnesh Vyas is a third-year B.A. LLB student at Rajasthan University’s S.S Jain Subodh Law College in Jaipur. He is also the Founder and President of the Law Awareness Society (Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization), which has been praised by cabinet officials from both the federal and state governments, as well as lawyers from the high court and supreme court. He is also the State Secretary of the National Integrated Forum of Artists and Activists, Rajasthan, which is a six-time Guinness World Record holder. He was recently selected as an Editor of Ocean Ink Publication and a member of Police Mitra Member, a Rajasthan Police Initiative.

What inspired you to start your organization and when did you start it?

There are many people and events that have inspired me to start an organization, but one of the most inspiring was when I was in my first semester of law school and attended a seminar organized by 4th year law students to educate people about their rights. After attending the seminar, multiple thoughts brought to light. The first was that the government constantly makes laws, policies, and schemes for people’s protection and welfare, but what is the use of establishing these laws, policies, and plans if people are unaware of their rights? The second thought that came to me was, why should we always rely on the government for everything? Why can’t we be a change maker and educate people about their rights? So, the next day, I told my friends about my plan to create an organization, and they encouraged me. From then, the task of establishing an organization began.

What is the agenda of Law Awareness Society?

The Law Awareness Society’s mission is to raise public awareness of various initiatives, regulations, and laws. To achieve our objective, we have educated thousands of individuals about their rights through awareness workshops, webinars, and other means.

What are the difficulties you are encountering when you launch your organization?

Managing academics, examinations, and the pressure of defining a future profession, as well as working together and keeping everything together, are some of the challenges we encounter, but our strong resolve and unified front never let us down.

How did you manage your time between law school and your organization?

As a law student, you have a limited amount of time and attention to devote to your studies. Time management is important to your success now and in the future. Although you can’t seem to stop time, you can take control of your schedule and boost your productivity in law school by preparing ahead of time. You will achieve more in less time if you learn to plan and regulate how much time you spend on tasks. Smart team work increases efficiency and production, reduces stress, and leads to both short and long-term success. I manage my time by creating a suitable plan and attending my lessons on a regular basis, which allows me to balance them.

What advice would you provide to fellow law students who want to make a difference?

The only advice I want to give is become change makers-not change seekers, work hard and shape your future and fight with all the hurdles.

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