Interview: Rajat Godha, Founder & CEO at Jus Imperator

Mr. Rajat Godha is an Advocate by profession and a social worker at passion. He is well-versed in the field of research. He founded “Jus Imperator” research organization while still in law school. Most recently, he launched a non-governmental organization (NGO) called “Nyay Sathi,” which provide free legal assistance to the underprivileged members of society.

Tell our readers something about yourself?

Hi, My name is Adv. Rajat Godha, founder & CEO of Jus Imperator, practicing in Indore High Court, and also the Member from International Council of Jurists. I am a first-generation lawyer in my family. I did my law from Indore Institute of Law.

What is idea behind your startup?

The goal of founding “Jus Imperator” was to strengthen the legal fraternity and promote more openness in the system. When I was in law school for the first time, I submitted a paper that was rejected by an international journal, and I was really demotivated. Then I resubmitted my paper to another publication, and it was published after a few modifications. So I thought, like me, there are a lot of new authors out there who don’t know how to write an appealing articles, so I decided to give them a platform to write on, and we published that piece on our website. So this was the inspiration for my startup.

What are the problems which you have faced in starting a new venture and how you overcome it?

Yes, certainly, since it was my first start-up, I had a lot of problems running the website. But there was always a solution, and the answer was a positive perspective. Every challenge requires a constructive attitude. Problems will always arise, but what matters is how you deal with them. Jus Imperator means a lot to me because it was my first venture and it provided me a lot of opportunities. I learned a lot through this journal, and clearly, it’s due to my team’s support; without them, I’d be nothing. So, thank you to my team for always being there for me in facing every issue that arose over the course of launching the project.

How have you put up with both job and jus Imperator?

Yes, it was tough to balance work and social life. However, when there is passion, you can always achieve all of your goals. But I also want to tell you that as a result of this, I created my own NGO called “NYAY SATHI,” which works for impoverished people as well as women who need legal advice but don’t have any money to provide us. The foundation of Jus Imperator provided me with several possibilities and strengthened my confidence, which led to the formation of the NGO. Even though I have another team for an NGO, who have been very supportive. So, thank you one again.

Something to say to our new startup enthusiast?

I’d want to congratulate you on your decision to launch a legal startup. I just want to emphasis that you should never lose your enthusiasm and always believe in yourself and your dreams.  Whether you succeed or fail, give your all in whatever you do. Be positive and proud of yourself for initiating change in the society.  So, best wishes to you all.

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