Submission Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

  1. We accept submission from law students, lawyers, academicians or researchers on any theme related to legal matter of national and international importance.
  2. The word limit will preferably be 1000 to 5500 words.
  3. The submission may be co-authored by maximum two authors.


  1. The body of the submission must be in Times in Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
  2. All reference must be in form of hyperlinks. In case no hyperlinks are available use endnotes using 20th Bluebook citation format.
  3. The submission must be accompanied by a cover letter with the name (s) of the author (s), institution name and contact details.
  4. The author (s) must confirm in the cover letter that the submission is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Editorial Policy

  1. Legal Link retains total control on submission acceptance/rejection. The Editorial Board will not consider requests for premature judgments. Editorial judgments will be made entirely on the basis of the authors’ final submission.
  2. We follow three rounds of blind peer-review procedure and will make every effort to keep authors updated on the status of their article as it progresses through each step of review.


  1. All submission must be sent to [email protected] or fill the form by clicking here.
  2. Submission must be in the form of word document.
  3. The subject line of the e-mail must be “Submission – Legal Link Online”
  4. We are accepting submission on a rolling basis.

A submission that has been submitted on Legal Link may be cross-posted on other platforms. The cross-post must include the phrase ‘First published on Legal Link,’ as well as a link to the Legal Link post.